The Best Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband Plans (with a one month contract!)

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Mobile broadband can be a God send for some people. If you live in an area that has no other broadband coverage, then mobile broadband is going to save you an awful lot of money compared to the only other option, which is satellite broadband. Even if you already have a home broadband connection, then a mobile broadband plan will give you the flexibility to have an internet connection wherever you go. Because mobile broadband hooks onto a cell phone provider's 3G signal to get you internet, you'll have an internet connection wherever you have a 3G signal. But with so many offers out there, it can be difficult to decide what to go for. So today we're looking at the best mobile broadband plans that have a monthly contract and a one month contract limit...

Why Pay Monthly?

The alternative to paying monthly is using a pay as you go plan. However, monthly payments tend to be cheaper than using PAYG, particularly for people who do more than just send a few emails and browse the web. Plus, monthly contracts usually have bigger data caps than PAYG plans, and can therefore be a better deal.

Why a One Month Contract?

You can, of course, sign a much longer contract with most mobile service providers. A longer contract will get you even lower monthly payments, and usually will contain some kind of incentive, such as the free dongle deals or free laptop offers that you see advertised. However, the advantage of a one month contract is that you're free to switch off the service or change providers whenever you want to. Particularly for mobile broadband users this is a good idea, as they tend to be temporary users who are only using the mobile broadband whilst travelling or whilst waiting for a better deal.

What are the Best Deals?

With mobile provider Three you can get an excellent monthly deal. There's an upfront cost for the dongle itself of just £9.99. The plan itself then costs £15 per month and has a pretty big 5 GB data limit. Speeds are the normal 3.6 Mb and the contract is month by month, but will automatically roll over if you don't cancel it.

With mobile provider Orange there's also a monthly deal. The upfront cost for the dongle is £29 this time, and the cost of the plan again is £15 per month, but this time there's only a 3 GB data limit. It's a rolling monthly contract that automatically renews unless cancelled, and gets the same 3.6 Mb speeds.

With Vodafone you'll pay a £19 up front charge for the dongle and again £15 per month for the service with a 3 GB data cap. The speeds are also 3.6 Mb, and again the contract will automatically renew month by month until cancelled.

With O2 there's a £30 up front cost for the dongle, and a £15 monthly charge. You get a 3 GB data limit but you also get free WiFi access to any of O2's WiFi hotspots. Speeds are also 3.6 Mb and the rolling monthly contract automatically renews until you cancel it.


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The Best Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband Plans (with a one month contract!)

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The Best Pay Monthly Mobile Broadband Plans (with a one month contract!)

This article was published on 2013/03/18